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MIDI Documentation

All modern Wersi instruments are essentially MIDI based computer music processing systems. A basic understanding of the MIDI system is recommended for implementation of the upgrade. It is also beneficial to have some knowledge of this when playing the instrument. This provides an appreciation of why the instrument is designed the way it is, and also assists in using its features and facilities to the best advantage. The following material provides both a Wersi specific and a general treatment of the MIDI technology.

The HD Series Display System

Here are three videos detailing a display system for the HD series instruments. All the HD software can be installed, configured and operated from one single large screen display connected to the second processor. Standard operating system utilities are used throughout, so no programming skills are required. Sheet music in electronic format can be displayed and the display system is infinitely expandable to include all types of software.

overview.mp4 sounds.mp4 music.mp4

The Display System Overview                                                                                                      

The Sounds Menu                                                                                                      

The Music Menu                                                                                                      

Hints and Tips on Choosing Sample Libraries

choosing sample libraries.pdf

Choosing Sample Libraries

Sample libraries can be used both for Composition and Performance. For Composition we would typically use them in a sample player running in a Digital Audio Workstation  (DAW). For Performance we would use them in a sample player running either in stand-alone mode or in a VST host.

Generally, most libraries are designed to operate within a DAW environment, and not all of these are suitable for performance applications.

This article details the considerations to be made when selecting instrumental libraries for performance applications, and in particular for orchestral arrangements.

OAX External Audio and MIDI Connections

Control and Connect MIDI Devices from your Sonic

A video by Curt Magurac showing how to connect an external sound module to an OAX instrument.

The external connections on the Sonic and the Roland sound module are first described.

An OAX user sound is created to send bank and program commands to the module to select a sound.

The user sound is then placed on the upper manual to play the selected sound in the module.

A Total Preset containing the user sound is then created to enable the module to be controlled directly from the instrument’s touchscreen.  

MIDI with Wersi

An article by Bill Gray providing a comprehensive coverage of the Wersi external MIDI system.

MIDI Basics

A general guide to the MIDI system